When Should Employers Use Social Media?

Let’s face it. We live in a social world. Twitter has become our top source for breaking news, without Facebook we would never remember our aunt Kathy’s birthday, and aunt Kathy would never be able to keep track of her favorite crock pot recipes without Pinterest. Social media is everywhere.

In the workplace, more and more employers are realizing the importance of social media, and not just among their 20-something, smartphone-addicted employees. The HR and benefits teams of our own customers are taking particular notice, and are looking to find more effective ways to communicate the complex world of employee benefits beyond open enrollment and welcome packets.

Through working with a ‘new’ type of benefit, we at HelloWallet have learned to use internal social media in a number of ways to deliver our product and further engage our customer’s employees about their money. We have found HR teams eager to explore these channels with us not only for general outreach, but to encourage employees to connect with one another and provide more feedback to their employers about their new benefit directly.

Our process looks a little something like this: first we find a platform that all employees can access from their work computers, such as Salesforce, Chatter, or Google+. From there, one of our Community Managers will curate a timeline of posts to inform, engage, and solicit feedback about HelloWallet. These can range from simple “did you know” posts to tips and tricks to prompts to log in and use the application itself. Our Community Managers also monitor these platforms to provide real-time advice and technical support. And here’s the fun part… for customers that are willing to give employees a more social way to connect with us, their employer, and each other, we see over 10% higher engagement in our product.

As Director of Community  at HelloWallet, I’ve already heard many positive responses from our customers about the new insight they have from employees. Overall, these internal social platforms have been a great new way to drive engagement and increase awareness, which in turn increases adoption of benefits like HelloWallet.

So my question to you is, how are you helping your employees better communicate internally and gain feedback at a faster, more measured pace?

Grant was one of the first employees at HelloWallet and leads the Community team.  Community rocks the world of top notch support to HelloWallet members, rollout with new customers plus overall fun around the office.  If someone needs the name of a great restaurant, bar or event in DC, the Community Team will deliver!  Grant loves writing blogs on company culture, employee engagement, customer enablement and keeping up with the DC Tech scene.   During the late fall, it’s hard to pull Grant away from Indiana basketball and his search for the next great bourbon to try.   You can reach Grant at or @gdkarsas

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