Webinar: Marketing Tactics for Next- Generation HR Teams

Human resources teams around the country are beginning to take notice of the tactics used by marketers to cut through cluttered inboxes and busy lives. In today’s world attention and time are two of the most limited resources; and for years marketing teams have been busy learning how to get and hold people’s attention. Join Lee & Lacey from HelloWallet’s marketing team as they share exactly how you can use the tactics marketers have developed to improve your benefits programs and increase enrollment and usage.

From testing the time at which you send a particular communication to who the message comes from, the possibilities for testing and learning are endless and the results can be eye-opening.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How HR teams can cut through the clutter
  • A step by step process for determining what communications components to test and how to actually deploy simple experiments
  • How to use the tactics developed by marketers to improve your communications
  • Tips for crafting the most effective communications



To download the slides from the presentation click here»

Lee manages HelloWallet’s digital marketing. Most of his time is spent creating content and digital marketing campaigns, moderating this blog, and maintaining HelloWallet’s digital presence.

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