Webinar: The Humans Are Coming!

This week, China Gorman, joined HelloWallet’s Lee Eliav and shared some of her personal observations from her experience as a CEO/President as well as current research and analysis on the ROI of creating a more human workplace culture. Despite popular attention being paid in the business and HR media about the importance of “engaging” employees, progress has been non-existent in the big picture. That data notwithstanding, some organizations are reaping the benefits of relating to their employees as people with lives and stresses outside the workplace rather than skilled resources that arrive at 9:00 and leave at 5:00. We’ll delve into some of these practices.

China covers:

  • The sources of data and analysis in order to arm yourself for critical discussions about culture
  • Examples of current practices in organizations that earn recognition for their employee-focused cultures
  • The financial benefits of championing a more human employee experience

For more from China check out her blog post about the webinar on her website.


To download the slides from the presentation click here»

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