Should Student Loans Be Paid Off Early?

There is a good deal of popular wisdom, but little guidance on one major concern: Should workers prioritize paying off student loans ahead of schedule or prioritize saving for retirement?

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Workers are Worried about their Finances and Employers Can Help

American Workers Are Worried About Their Finances American workers are worried about their personal finances; 45% of the people we recently surveyed said that worrying about personal finances kept them up at night. These respondents…

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Webinar Recording: The Science of Habits with Nir Eyal

In an age of ever-increasing distractions, habits are important for making businesses, workplaces, and benefit programs successful. Think of the products and technologies that you use everyday – what characteristics keep you coming back for…

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Retirement Benefits That Can Help Employees: Managed Accounts

We’ve discussed the challenges we face with helping employees prepare for retirement and looked at a couple of options plan sponsors can offer that make it easier for employees to face their retirement benefits. Now…

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Custom Target-Date Solutions: Retirement Benefits That May Help Employees

Many plan sponsors don’t know how to help solve the problem of employees not saving enough for retirement. We previously provided an overview of the challenges plan sponsors face with helping employees prepare for retirement…

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Are Employees Maxing Out Their HSAs?

High deductible health plans offer low monthly premiums in exchange for higher cost sharing and higher out-of-pocket maximums. Deductibles vary plan by plan, but the statutory minima can be shockingly high before coinsurance kicks in–…

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Do Employer Contributions Lead To Employee Contributions in Health Savings Accounts?

In my first post based on our new paper, Health Savers – The Consumer Finances of Health Savings Accounts, I discussed whether or not health savings account holders invest their balances. In this post I…

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